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The Zope Document Template Markup Language (DTML) is a facility for generating textual information using a template document and application information stored in Zope. It is used in Zope primarily to generate Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files, but it can also be used to create other types of textual information. For example, it is used to generate Structured Query Language (SQL) commands in Zope SQL Methods.

The DTML facility is used to convert from document template source text to rendered text. Document template source text consists of ordinary text interspersed with DTML "markup" tags.

Purpose of DTML Reference

The purpose of the DTML Reference is to provide a reference dictionary document for the many DTML tags available in Zope and to help programmers in understanding how to implement DTML. The first portion of the guide describes the syntax of DTML tags and provides a number of simple examples of document template source texts. The second section describes the DTML tags in detail.


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