Document Revision 2.1.0, 2000/03/17
For Zope version 2.1.0

Modified by Pamela Crosby

Document Template Markup Language Reference

Table of Contents

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General Information

DTML Tag Syntax
Server Side Include Format Syntax
Alternate Python String Format Syntax
Common Tag Attributes
The name attribute
The expr attribute
Expression syntax
Variable lookup
The special namespace variable, _
Name Lookup
Access Control
Using Document Templates from Python
Creating document templates
Using document templates
Using document templates with ZPublisher

The dtml-var Tag

Custom, Special, C, and Empty Formats
Null Values
A dtml- var Tag Example, the Default Document Source

Conditional Insertion, the dtml-if and dtml-unless Tags

Iterative Insertion, the dtml-in Tag

The dtml-else Tag as an Intermediate Tag in the dtml-in Tag
Variables Defined by the dtml-in Tag
Summary Statistics
Grouping Variables
Batch Processing
Orphan rows
Overlapping batches
Showing row number and row data in previous and next batch hyperlinks.
Showing information about multiple batches

Displaying Objects with the dtml-with Tag

Using the only Attribute to Limit the Namespace

Multiple assignments with the dtml-let Tag

Evaluating Names or Expressions without Generating Text Using the dtml-call Tag

Reporting Errors with the dtml-raise Tag

Exception Handling with the dtml-try Tag

Excluding Source Text with the dtml-comment Tag

Returning Data using the dtml-return tag

Displaying Information Hierarchically: the dtml-tree tag

Sending Mail: the dtml-sendmail tag

Sending Attachments with the dtml-mime Tag

Appendix A, Date-time data


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