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As of version 2.3 of Zope, PythonMethods have been replaced by Scripts. They will continue to work, but you should use Scripts instead.

This is an attempt to allow Zope Methods to be written in plain Python code. Unlike External Methods, these PythonMethods will be created and managed entirely through the Zope interface. Like DTML Methods, they will be "safe".

PythonMethods will not allow assignment to an attribute, element, or slice. No "del" is allowed. Names starting with "_" are not accessible. Import is controlled. Globals all live in a private namespace.

Click here for some examples of Python Methods.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 Example PythonMethods Folder   2003-09-12 published
 Python Methods Product Edit object Software Release   1999-11-11 published
 Python Methods Product Edit object Software Release   2000-02-06 published
 Test/comparison program for VSExec Edit object Software Release   1999-08-28 published