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For some time now, it has been a goal of ours to open up the Zope development process. Some of you may have heard me promise this at the Zope track back in January. Well, it took a little longer than I had hoped it would, but I'm happy to announce an important step in making that a reality: is the place for discovering, initiating, and contributing to work on the core Zope platform and related Zope technologies. You can think of it as the rough equivalent of what is to Mozilla.

Why has it taken so long? Because there is much more to "opening the development process" than simply doling out CVS access. Evolving a relatively large and complex piece of software like Zope is a non-trivial task, and doing it in a highly distributed environment is harder still. The site will provide the background materials and tools to ensure that work on Zope is consistent in organization and execution. It will also help those new to Zope development to come up to speed and get involved quickly.

There is still plenty to do be done on the site, but it is done enough to start using it so I want to start learning by doing. If you have questions or comments on the dev site, please send them to me at and CC the zope-dev list (which is where I expect traffic related to should go in the near term).