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Python for .NET Issue Tracker [PythonNet] Issue Collector
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Issue 13 Unneeded code in TypeManager.CreateType
    From glchapman May 22, 05 11:31
    Pending General/bug low
    One of the TypeManager.CreateType overloads begins with: string name = "CLR." + clrType.FullName; As things stand now, there is no reason to prepend the "CLR." because it will always be strippe...
Issue 14 Suggestion for change in handling of out parameters
    From glchapman. Jun 8, 05 14:08 ... Jun 8, 05 14:35
    Pending General/feature medium 1 followup
    Currently, PythonNet differs from IronPython (and pythoncom) in requiring a python parameter to be passed in the position of an out parameter. That is, PythonNet requires: Double.TryParse("1.23", ...
Issue 15 ClassObject.tp_new can mask constructor exceptions
    From glchapman Jul 26, 05 14:47
    Pending General/bug medium
    This: >>> from CLR.System.Drawing import Font >>> Font("Verdana", 0.0) raises a TypeError ("no constructor matches given arguments") even though there is a Font(String, Single) constructor overload....
1 to 3 of 3 found (17 total) ---
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