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Zope External Editor

NOTE New releases of External Editor can be found at , the below is for historical purposes only.

Do you like editing zope objects in text areas?

If not, this product is for you. The ExternalEditor is a Zope product and configurable helper application that allows you to drop into your favorite editor(s) directly from the ZMI to modify Zope objects. Its one of those "have your cake and eat it too" kind of things ;^).

This version includes the Zope Product (runs on Zope 2.3 or newer) and cross-platform client-side helper application (requires Python 2.2 or better). A complete pre-built binary distribution of the helper app is now available for Windows.

Description of packages

  • ExternalEditor-src.tgz - Full source code of product and helper application (All platforms)
  • zopeedit-src.tgz - Source code of helper app only (All platforms)
  • zopeedit-win32.exe - Windows binary installer for helper application

Unix Installation Instructions

Windows Installation Instructions

Mac OS X users check out: ZopeEditManager

Latest Release: 0.8a0
Last Updated: 2004-07-13 11:14:55
Author: Caseman
License: ZPL
Maturity: Development

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
0.8a0 Development   2004-05-20 12:11:17
  ExternalEditor-0.8a0.tgz (34 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.8a0.exe (2.10 M) All md5
0.8 Stable   2004-07-13 10:47:50
  ExternalEditor-0.8-src.tgz (38 K) All md5
  zopeedit-0.8-src.tgz (31 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.8.exe (2.01 M) All md5
0.7.2 Stable   2004-04-23 14:30:02
  ExternalEditor-0.7.2-src.tgz (34 K) All md5
  zopeedit-0.7.2-src.tgz (22 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.7.2.exe (2.10 M) All md5
0.7 Stable   2003-04-01 15:16:01
  ExternalEditor-0.7.tgz (18 K) All md5
  zopeedit-0.7-src.tgz (22 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.7.1.exe (1.92 M) i386 md5
0.6 Stable   2003-04-01 15:16:46
  ExternalEditor-0.6.tgz (17 K) All md5
  zopeedit-src-0.6.tgz (15 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.6.exe (1.88 M) win32, x86 md5
0.5 Stable   2002-09-23 23:53:05
  ExternalEditor-0.5.tgz (16 K) All md5
  zopeedit-0.5-src.tgz (7 K) All md5
  zopeedit-win32-0.5.exe (1.60 M) win32, x86 md5