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Warning: This program is old and unmaintained.

This product give you access to power of php.
You can create a php file as you create a dtml document.

  • You can use dtml and html into your php documents
    and use <dtml-var another_php_document>.

  • A PHP Document will be always processed by PHP
    no matter you call it directely or by <dtml-var>.

  • To avoid PHP rendering use DTML Documents or DTML Methods
    (I mean, if you want to simulate include files from Zope DB,
    use PHP scripts inside of DTML Methods and
    place call <dtml-var php-script> into your PHP Documents.)

  • PHP Document is a Zope DTML Document parsed by PHP before to be sent to client.
    All dtml tags are processed first, then the result is taken by PHP.

Let permission 'Add PHP Documents' to a very limited group of people,
then be sure that role 'Owner' has ALL rights checked!

Don't forget to put php somewhere into your path, or update path to include php location.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status Edit object Software Release   2002-01-22 published