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Folder icon Hierarchical Menus

From I get the JavaScript code.
Then I made a Python external Zope method which build the arrays for menu.

 by Peter Belesis. v3.10.3 000731
 Copyright (c) 2000 Corp. All Rights Reserved.
 Originally published and documented at
 You may use this code on a public Web site only if this entire
 copyright notice appears unchanged and you publicly display
 on the Web page a link to

 Contact for all other uses.


Download zip file.
Copy the .zexp file (zope export file) into export folder of Zope.
Copy the python file into Extensions folder of Zope.
And import .zexp file anywhere into your site.
(don't import it into control panel, create a folder for it and import it there!)

hierArrays - will return the full site map (with subfolders) of current folder in one menu (used in index_htm)
multihierArrays - will return one menu for home, then a new menu for each folder it find. Is useful for top site menu-map (used on Menu)

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 HierMenus Edit object Software Release   2000-11-29 published
 menu.jpg Edit object Image 13 K 2000-11-29 published