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Folder icon Zope Button Builder

With this Zope product you can build on the fly navigational buttons.

You take a blank button (no text on it) as template,
then this product will write a text label on it
and will return the new image.

  • First install PIL (python image library)
    Installing PIL into Zope for Windows by SmileyChris
    or download and install source from pythonware site

  • download file ButtonBuilder.tgz
    and extract it into products folder of Zope.
    (/usr/local/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ - OpenBSD)
    I mean to do it into $SOFTWARE_HOME/Products/

  • add an instance of Button Builder and play with it.

A picture of demo page with available buttons:
demo page of Zope Butyon Builder

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 1.0 Edit object Software Release   2003-06-12 published
 zbb.png Edit object Image 33 K 2003-02-13 published