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zNote Installation Info

v0.6 is now a proper Python-classed product, so the hassles many people reported with the old ZClass/zexp version should be gone now.


  1. Make sure you have the latest ParsedXML product installed and working.
  2. Put the zNote .tgz file in your Zope products directory and un-tgz it.
  3. Restart Zope.
  4. You should now be able to add a "zNote Folder" to your Zope site wherever you want one.
  5. Go directly to the URL for your new zNote instance; you can reach all management options directly from there.

You can add entries easily either by using the "Add" dropdown menu in zNote's top frame, or by importing an XML file (try the sample XML file available here) from the "Manage Options" page. You can also export to an XML file from here. The results end up in your web browser, which you can then save. The export and import methods allow round-tripping data.


This isn't set up automatically yet, sorry. The next version of zNote will have subclassed and catalog-aware entries so the search catalog will get updated automatically. For the time being, you have to set up the catalog manually (and repeatedly). See the search form in the app for specific instructions.