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The Poll Tag

The PollTag is a two part product, that consists of a tag (for rendering) and an Poll Administrator that manages the Polls and the questions.

You must add an Poll Administrator product somewhere in your tree. You should add some questions at this point to test things out.

Get comfortable with the administration features of the poll.

Find your favourite DTML Method or Document and insert in it to see the currently active poll.

When voting you will be returned to the current page and the selection made will be hilighted.

At the moment I seem to have porked multiple-vote checking so people currently can vote their hearts out.

Latest Release: default
Last Updated: 2001-11-23 03:37:33
Author: TheJester
Categories: Content Object, Feedback, Statistics and Analysis

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
default   2001-11-23 03:37:33
  PollTag-0_0_2.tgz (13 K)
0.0.3 Stable   2002-07-09 03:48:40
  PollTag-0_0_3.tgz (17 K) All
0.0.1 Stable   2001-11-20 21:09:13
  PollTag-0_0_1.tgz (13 K) All
0.0.0 Development   2001-04-09 03:33:39
  PollTag-0_0_0.tgz (15 K) All