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Created by ZopeOrgSite . Last modified 1999-10-08 14:21:42.

Create a DTML method at the root of your Zope tree called index.html with the following contents:
<dtml-var index_html>
Through the magic of aquisition, if someone then access a URL in the form '', then they will see the correct index_html document for that folder. Repeat the procedure with DTML methods called 'index.htm', 'index.HTM', 'index.HTML' etc. until you have covered all the special cases you need to catch. If you have more than a few of these cases you need to catch, however, you would probably be better of installing Zope behind a web server that can do the rewriting for you (such as Apache), or educating your old users (a good place for documenting the changes is the 'standard_error_message' DTML method)