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Folder icon A Wiki Toolbar for Silva

This wiki toolbar has multiple "panels": 1. The edit panel provide a login or request access, or edit link. 2. The creator panel displays who created the document and when 3. The print article panel displays a quick print link 4. The revision panel displays current version information and provides links to navigate the revision history 5. The siblings panel shows siblings of the current document 6. The search panel allows (content) searches starting at the wiki root or within the current container.

This toolbar is an attempt at providing and promoting the "online collaboration" spirit of wiki using Silva as the content management system. Since Silva is used as the cms, users are able to take full advantage of Silva's advanced features.

Silva, being built on top of Zope, has very fine grained role-based access control. Access to SilvaWiki content (e.g. SilvaDocument, SilvaPublictaion, SilvaFoder, or any other silva object) is filtered through the builting access control machinery. This includes the siblings and revision panels, AutoTOCs, and searches. If you don't have access to view object x, it won't show up. If you don't have access to the SMI, you will not see the revision panel.

To achieve this goal, a couple changes needed to be made to Silva:

The term Wiki is used loosely. This product is meant as a means to hook "wiki-like" functionality into Silva. It turns Silva into a "Wiki" by exposing certain document information and tools to the public view of a silva site in the form of a toolbar.

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 changes.txt Edit object Document 1 K 2006-03-17 published
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 readme.txt Edit object Document 3 K 2008-01-22 published
 SilvaWikiToolbar-0.9 Edit object Software Release   2006-03-17 published
 SilvaWikiToolbar-2.0 Edit object Software Release   2008-01-22 published
 wiki-toolbar.png Edit object Image 23 K 2006-03-17 published