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LiveOIO via Knoppix Released

650MB CD-image based on Knoppix 3.3 2003/9/24. Provides live demo of Zope, PostgreSQL, and OIO.

Quick Start

  • About OIO.
  • Free Download from Sourceforge
  • Remaster your own Zope and/or PostgreSQL Knoppix distro : Making LiveOIO HowTo
  • Bug Reports,Questions,Comments
  • Project Homepage: OIO: Open Infrastructure for Outcomes
  • LiveOIO-1.0.0 does both live demo and hard drive install. Run "startOIO" from root shell-terminal prompt after you boot up (from CD or from HDD).

    Then, use Mozilla to access Default username is "oio", password is "admin".

    LiveOIO-1.0.0 supports "apt-get install" too. Run "startApt" first before doing "apt-get install zope", for example. We can extend LiveOIO with whatever Debian packages we want by including them in /var/lib/zope/LiveOIO/debs. For now, I only included zope-2.6.1 as an example.

    LiveOIO includes everything that's needed by OIO, Zope, PostgreSQL: specifically, PsycopgDA, ParsedXML, Calendar Tag, and ZSVG_Graph. In the future, we can make LivePlone, LiveZWiki, etc using the same method, which I documented here: Making LiveOIO HowTo

  • Removed from Knoppix - some games, emacs21 etc. Retains OpenOffice. See Making LiveOIO for details.