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ZSVG Graph 1.2.0 Released with 7 graph styles

Dynamic Generation of User-customizable Graphs via SVG

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It is just as easy for Zope to generate W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as HTML or any other XML documents. SVG is "XML Graphics for the Web" with powerful capabilities. However, SVG by itself offers only lower-level drawing routines (e.g. points, lines).

ZSVG Graph is an easy-to-use graph-making library that takes graph style, values, etc as input parameters. ZSVG Graph is callable via URL, like all Zope-implemented web-methods, and generates properly formated SVG for rendering in the web-browser.

  • What's New in ZSVG Graph 1.2.0?
    1. Thanks to contribution by Laurent Bel, ZSVG Graph now supports "2D vertical bar graph", "3D vertical bar graph", "2D vertical line graph", and "3D vertical line graph" in addition to the original "2D horizontal bar graph", "2D horizontal line graph", and "2D pie graph".
    2. Resolved text rendering issues by use of OS detection
  • The preferred web-browser is Mozilla with its built-in SVG rendering engine but Microsoft Internet Explorer with Adobe SVG Plug-in is also supported.