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The Hitchhikers Guide To BTrees

What are BTrees ?

  • the BTrees package is part Zope and provides some new Python classes with dictionary- and sequence-like behaviour
  • BTrees datatypes use a binary tree internally (that's why they are called BTrees)
  • BTrees are heavily optimized to be used in combination with the ZODB:
    • support for conflict resolution
    • memory efficient (accessing parts of a BTree does not require that the complete datastructure is loaded into memory)
    • no need to notify the ZODB when an BTree objects has changed (no obj._p_changed = 1 magic)

BTrees informations




  • 04/06/2002 -- added multiunion() documentation

tim_one (Jun 18, 2003 1:27 pm; Comment #1)
BTrees? don't use binary trees internally. The origin of the name is obscure and widely debated. One popular theory is that the "B" comes from Bayer, the name of the fellow who invented them.