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CMFCollector 0.20 beta 1 released

I am pleased to announce the release of CMFCollectorNG 0.20 Beta 1

CMFCollectorNG is a Zope/CMF-based bugtracking system (based on CMFCollector).

Major features of CMFCollectorNG:

  • major code cleanup and complete new skins very generic to add new ticket properties to a tracker enhanced tracker configuration through the web extend usage of the CMF memberdata tool to store user informations and user preferences rewritten transcript to keep issue related informations in an abstract format to produce different output (HTML, plain text for email notifications) tickets can have references to other tickets (also across CMFCollectorNG instances) dedicated views for uploaded files and references to other tickets better roles management: o TrackerAdmins manage the tracker o Supporters can file tickets, create followups, upload files, add references to other tickets o Reporters can file new tickets and upload files and references XML export (to be used with XMLRPC) watchlist/monitoring functionality Plone compatibility * much more minor improvements (too much to mention them :-) )

Release notes:

Project page: