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This hotfix makes it so that all Image (and derived) object use PIL to resize when you use the tag method with integer (non-%) height and/or width parameters.

This way, stuff like the PhotoAlbum will behave (not give you a page full of full-image thumbnails).

This version should be cache aware, it's recommended for big sites to associate these with an HTTPCache to cut down on PIL usage- thought it's pretty fast.

It also steals the RESPONSE.set_header code from Image so the thumbs are cached on the clients.

Since it's a hotfix it's easy to try it and see if it's working for you, and remove it if not. It does not modify any of your images - it generates the thumbs on the fly and only stores them in an HTTPCache if you have one set up.

Also - for Plone users. Currently (2.0) Plone patches Image, overriding this hofix's patch of tag(). So I added pil_tag() to get around that. You can "try with error" pil_tag() and on error use tag() then your code will work whether or not this hotfix is there (and you have a try branch to tell if it is working - to notify the user or whatever).

Latest Release: 0.3
Last Updated: 2004-01-25 14:34:31
Author: bowerymarc
License: GPL
Categories: Cacheing, Content Object, Images, Patches, Visual
Maturity: Stable

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
0.3 Stable   2004-01-25 12:46:50
  ImageTag_CorePatch.tgz (4 K) All md5
Software_Release.2003-12-30.2503 Stable   2003-12-30 11:25:03
  ImageTag_CorePatch.0.2.tgz (3 K) All md5
0.1 Development   2001-08-20 20:17:47
  ImageTag_Hotfix-0.1.tgz (2 K) All