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Folder icon ZAnnu : a multi-agencies searchable directory (people and organizations)

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What is ZAnnu ? ?

A multi-agencies searchable directory focused on people and organizations...

Warning, this is written by non-native English writer, hence may contain errors might lead your Zope to fatal results

Why did i made ZAnnu ?

This is a first try to learn & experiment Zope & ZSQL while making a product i could use in a real project.

How it works with DTML ?

Just use:

  <dtml-var ZAnnuSearchBox>

and the whole search/manage box will be there. The apperance and functionalities will depense of "Anonymous", "Gestannu" or authenticated role.

For example i use this standard_html_header in the ZAnnu folder :

   <dtml-with "PARENTS[1]">
     <dtml-var standard_html_header>

   <dtml-unless csv>
    <dtml-var ZAnnuSearchBox>
   </dtml-unless csv>

cvs can be used like the pp (for printing page)

ZAnnu Snapshot

ZAnnu Future

  • Deal with multi-site and different categories of organisations (soon).
  • Manage easily fields of the tables instead of hardcoding all the stuff. (looking for any good idea)
  • Make import inside ZAnnu instead of importing directly from MySQL.
  • Have a dtml-tree browsing style.
  • Make ZAnnu a ZClass or a Product.
  • Think about making it cooperate with PTK. (this may take a while).
  • While adding functionalities, I'll change the structure to make it more Zope's philosophy compliant.

So use it without guarantee about his structure.

I would be really glad to have any comment, feedback about the structure, the coding and especially about the feature you would like to see in ZAnnu.

Contributions, and patches are more than welcome.