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Folder icon Simple tab bar management

What is zMultiTab ?

If you want to have a quick and simple way for doing tab bars, this small ZClass product is for you.

How does it work ?

Just import the .zexp in your product folder, & assign the ZTabContainer_add_permission.

Create a ZTabContainer , and add inside as many ZTab as you need.

Each ZTabContainers have 4 color properties :

  • ztcColorBg & ztcColorHead for Color background
  • ztcColor & ztcColorSelect for label tab color text

Each ZTab have 4 properties :

  • ztTitle for the title/label text
  • ztMethod for the method called by the link
  • ztOrder for sorting the tabs
  • ztIcon for the icon URL (16x16 pixels) if available

How do i use it ?

Create a ZTabContainer (index_ztab for example) findable by acquisition.

Then if you want 4 tabs for 4 different methods, just create the 4 methods:

  • index_html
  • index_html_2
  • index_html_3
  • index_html_4

Put those lines at the beginning of each method:

  <dtml-if index_ztab>
   <dtml-with index_ztab>
    <dtml-var index_html>

And create 4 ZTab instances within the ZTabContainer (index_ztab), and give each Ztab the method, title and icon you want.

How does it look ?

Should look like this (but you can change colors, and icons)

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 imgZTab Edit object Image 1 K 2001-11-16 published
 imgZTabContainer Edit object Image 1 K 2001-11-16 published
 ZMultiTab 0.2 Edit object Software Release   2001-11-16 published
 zMultiTab : a quick and simple way for managing tabs Edit object News Item 1 K 2001-11-16 published
 ZTab example (taken from Popoto) Edit object Software Release   2002-09-17 published
 ZTabScreenShot Edit object Image 3 K 2001-11-16 published