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The VisualCMS Product provides a custom CMF portal type, CMSPage, and a visual interface for creating composite web pages. Text chunks, Graphics and Files are the default page elements provided; the system is designed to be extensible.

Technical note: CMSPage is based on PortalFolder, PoralContent and OrderedObjectManager. Text chunks are CMF Document objects, Graphics are CMF Image objects and and Files are CMF File objects.

The VisualCMS Product is similar to the Zope Product Kontentor, but with a simplified user interface and a goal of becoming and remaining fully CMF and Plone integrated and compatible. Some concepts found in VisualCMS are based loosely on those found in in the Zope Product Kube.

A custom Plone skin must be written to properly display composite pages created with the VisualCMS.

The VisualCMS is still very much a work in progress. It was adapted from a python script product and as such versions 0.1.x have leftovers from that heritage. A cleanup is in the works, and will be released as 0.2.0.

Please see the todo.txt file for info on planned improvements and the screenshot for a preview.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 0.1.0 Edit object Software Release   2003-06-30 published
 0.1.1 Edit object Software Release   2003-06-30 published
 0.1.2 Edit object Software Release   2003-07-02 published
 screenshot.gif Edit object Image 20 K 2003-06-24 published
 VisualCMS Installation & Known Issues Edit object Document 1 K 2003-06-30 published