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Folder icon Site Summary

Site Summary allows you to construct an RSS file, suitable for inclusion as a My Netscape channel

A reference for the format can be found at:

The Site Summary object allows you to present your site summary as an XML file, for use with My Netscape or My Userland, or as an HTML preview, so you can see what it will look like.

Additionally, you can get Site Summary to produce the file automatically from objects in the same folder as it.

Site Summary also supports import of external RSS files, so you can get headlines from any site that uses RSS integrated into your web site.

Import is only limited to RSS 0.91 files, not the older, "broken", version.

If you have version below 1.2, get version 1.2.2 or newer! It fixes a significant bug with Image display found in the 1.x versions.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 First release of Site Summary product Edit object News Item 1 K 1999-10-23 published
 Site Summary 1.2.1 out Edit object News Item 1 K 1999-11-07 published
 SiteSummary 1.1 released Edit object News Item 1 K 1999-10-31 published
 SiteSummary 1.2 Edit object Software Release   1999-11-02 published
 SiteSummary 1.2.1 Edit object Software Release   1999-11-07 published
 SiteSummary 1.2.2 Edit object Software Release   1999-11-10 published