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Folder icon Z Message Queue Product

The Z Message Queue product is a publish-subscribe message queueing system built on top of Zope.

This product focuses more on guaranteed delivery of messages than speed.

The message queue has the following main features:

  • Node to Node communication through the web (via XML-RPC)
  • Persistent subscribers - an application subscribes to a topic and messages are kept for it until it comes on-line.
  • Automatic routing of messages. Messages will arrive at destination nodes even it the originator and destination does not have an open route of communication between them.
  • Polling and callback interfaces for applications. Applications can either poll a node for messages or be notified by the node of new messages.
  • HTML based management interface - courtesy of Zope, of course!
  • Any XML-RPC marshable, Python picklable type can be sent as a message. This means most basic Python types are supported. (This will be later upgraded to any picklable python object.)
  • Easy set-up. Install as Zope product, create a node object, give the node object some unique id, notify the node object of all other node objects in the system (and notify the others) and voila!


The only documentation currently available is the installation instructions, the usage instructions and a small FAQ . Most of the source code have doc strings and comments that should be quite helpful. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

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 Changes Edit object Document 2 K 2003-03-01 published
 FAQ Edit object Document 2 K 2002-09-25 published
 Installation Instructions Edit object Document 2 K 2003-03-01 published
 Typical ZMessageQueue usage diagram Edit object Image 66 K 2002-09-12 published
 Typical ZMessageQueue usage diagram (thumbnail) Edit object Image 2 K 2002-09-12 published
 Usage Instructions Edit object Document 3 K 2003-03-01 published
 Z Message Queue Product v0.0.4 Edit object Software Release   2002-09-12 published
 Z Message Queue Product v0.1.1 Edit object Software Release   2002-09-30 published
 Z Message Queue Product v0.2.0 Edit object Software Release   2003-03-01 published