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Old homepage of Martijn Faassen

Martijn Faassen

This page is obsolete. I do have another web page online, my blog. Check there for more recent updates about what I'm up to.

This is my page on the Zope site, and strangely enough actually my only personal web page.

Some say I am the Other Martijn, but I say the Other Martijn is. Occasionally people mix us up.

Email me here: I like talking.

I've done a number of things in Zope-land:

  • I anarchistically started the Zope Documentation Project, though by far the most of the actual work has been done by other ZDP members. But I can still say I started it all. :)
  • I'm developing XMLWidgets, a system to do dynamical translations of XML documents to HTML, and more.
  • I'm working on Formulator, a Zope framework to ease the development of HTML forms (and their validation and processing). This is a reimplementation of my older project ZFormulator.
  • I came up with the idea for Transparent Folders, though all real credit goes to Shane Hathaway, who implemented them.
  • I've created SimpleCache, a simple caching system. It can be combined with XMLWidgets to cache past renderings.
  • I've created a skeleton document that will hopefully one day contain real guidelines for Zope product creators.

Other Zope related interests

I like Python a lot, and I'm a fairly prolific poster on comp.lang.python. Not yet anywhere near Tim Peters or one of the other bots, but working on it. By the way, I disclaim categorically that I'm part of any Python Secret Underground, which doesn't exist in the first place, anyway.

Non-exclusiveness policy of this web page

This web page does not exclude any tigers, chickens, crazed monkeys or nude pictures, nor any other entity that could be or feel excluded from this web page. None of these entities were hurt in the making of this web page.

Note that, in the interests of complete freedom of these entities, inclusion on this web page is voluntary. Entities which do not have the ability of inclusion of their own volition and that cosmically should be included on this web page are hereby included. I trust that hereby any further concerns are addressed.