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CMFBoard 1.4 Released

Official site

Version 1.4

  • fix isinstance bug with python2.1
  • UI fixes

Version 1.4beta2

  • UI fixes

Version 1.4beta1

  • add in user preferences default "view mode" and "sort mode"
  • forum email removed, default plone email used
  • user timezone (show all date in this time zone)
  • quick links to last reply
  • show unreaded replies and topics with unreaded replies
  • save original filename of attached file
  • mimetype icons of attached file
  • discussion tool filters (hierarchical)
  • selectable "view mode" for content discussion
  • subscribers management form
  • global config form
  • MailSpool protect from zodb transaction machinery
  • email notification in original format
  • subscription security changed (use security context of subscribed user)
  • fixed preview bug
  • fixed MailLoader security machinery
  • new translations: Spanish, Deutsch, Japanese, Chinese/China


Download from Sourceforge