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CMFBoard 1.4.3 Released

bugfix release

Official site

Version 1.4.3

  • forum_styles.css now use base_properties for Plone2.0
  • AddTopicReply permission instead of using View to control topic replyability
  • fixed lost reply title after "preview"
  • fixed more UnicodeDecodeError
  • fixed TypeError: unsupported operand types for + in some scripts
  • fixed error where brefs might not be a list, make it a list (with only one reply) in
  • fixed folder_forum_view and forum_get_forum_data to fix the topics and replies counters, and added a hits counter.
  • fixed wrong "Last Updated" link
  • fixed wrong pages links
  • fixed GroupUserFolder compatibility
  • fixed unicode forumEmail, now it always string
  • fixed "KeyError: forum_blog_widget"
  • fixed "AttributeError: hasReplies" with Plone2
  • fixed bug in, can't join with maillist enabled
  • new translation Chinese(HongKong), French


Download from Sourceforge