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CMFBoard 1.4.4 Released

Bulletin Board system for Plone

Official site

Version 1.4.4

  • fix security bugs with Zope-2.6.4 Zope-2.7.0
  • fixed lost Creator of replies after import zexp
  • new translation Italian, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Chinese (Taiwan)
  • message icons can be turned off on a per-forum basis
  • file/image upload fields not shown if size limits have been set to 0
  • AT-1.3 compatible
  • import/export
  • added "view here" link to the bottom of email templates
  • added "folder contents" to pulldown for managers in forumnb
  • fixed workflow bugs in custom and public1 which were missing replyWriter and in some cases forumReader
  • added the ability to Retire an announcement and re-announce it.
  • fixed bug where special topics (announcements and polls) were not sent to forum subscribers
  • backport menu from cmfboard2.0

Download from Sourceforge