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CMFBoard 2.1 final released

Message board system for Plone

CMFBoard 2.1 is out.

CMFBoard is a powerful forum system fully compliant with Plone.

To download CMFBoard 2.1 go Here.

For more information go here.

Any feedback is welcome, especially bug reports. To add a report go here.

Version 2.1 final

  • translation updated

Version 2.1 RC3

  • fixed: poll unvote
  • fixed: python-2.1(2.2) compatibility
  • fixed: removed all left portlets on uninstall
  • fixed: wrong rendering [quote] with _ symbol
  • fixed: "Broken Content" for custom content

Version 2.1 RC2

  • fixed: wrong codes rendering in descriptions
  • fixed: hide Duplicate Error in actionicons tool
  • fixed: errors with standalone forums