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Folder icon The EpozFile product

DEPRECATED PRODUCT: You should consider using the EpozDocument instead.

You use File objects to host pure HTML content ?

Then you'll enjoy using EpozFile objects in place of File objects.

The EpozFile is a quite good content object to make a lightweight CM if Plone and other CPS are somehow overkill for what you need.

What's an EpozFile? It's just the same as a File (inheriting from File) with the sugar on it : An "Epoz" tab that shows the HTML content in the Epoz WYSIWIG editor.

In addition:

  • You can have this file rendered through a custom template, on its own URL.
  • The content is CatalogPathAware

Requirements: Epoz must be installed (0.5.1+), otherwise, EpozFile objects will behave just like ordinary Files.

All user documentation is in the README tab.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 About EpozFile Edit object Document 3 K 2003-10-16 published
 Changes to EpozFile Edit object Document 1 K 2003-10-25 published
 EpozFile-0.1.0 Edit object Software Release   2003-10-16 published