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Folder icon The XQuizz product

If you need to provide polls or quizz in your Zope site, XQuizz object will help you editing the form and compute the score.

A basic rendering is provided. But you can provide your own rendering with DTML/ZPT, or subclass the XQuizz with your own ZClass that overrides the render method.

The full documentation (API, use from DTML, compute results...) is provided in the README tab of the product.

Requirements : You MUST install the appropriate PyXML package.

XQuizz has been developed and tested in a Windows and Linux Zope 2.5.1 and pyXML 0.7.1. It may or may not work with prior versions.

For products programmers : XQuizz shows how to set stuctured properties of an object from XML with a DOM parser when you don't want to create complex ZMI editing functions.

Help wanted : I need ZPT example(s) using the XQuizz product. I ain't got enough ZPT enlightenments. Thanks in advance.

New : Version 0.1.0b fixes the demo imports.

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 XQuizz-0.1.0.tgz Edit object Software Release   2002-05-27 published
 XQuizz-0.1.0a.tgz Edit object Software Release   2002-06-03 published
 XQuizz-0.1.0b.tgz Edit object Software Release   2002-09-10 published