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Folder icon CMF Portal Layout

CMF Portal Layout is kind of like CMF Porlets. The idea is that you can define a portal layout by defining rows and columns and filling these up with "Layout items" (like portlets).

Layout can be applied to folderish content, and defines the layout for the folder and subfolders. Layout on a folder can be overwritten and changed depending on permissions, on a subfolder.

At top level, manager can "lock" certain rows or columns, or selected layout items in rows and columns. Manager also defines a "Main slot", where content is presented. Rows and colums definitions are then used to generate the ZPT templates for the site.

User can change the layout of their memberfolder, by adding rows and columns to their main slot, and add or remove layout items to the existing layout, if the inherited layout items aren't locked.

To control how layout items are rendered, we've got formatting and styles objects.

A layout item could i.e. be a listing of Links. This is made by adding a "List menu" to a layout column, and configuering this to show ojects of the type "Links", in a certain sort order on a defined criteria, and maybe filtered by a list of subjects. Each item in the list is presented using a "Format object", which defines what entries the list contains, for each listed item - title, description, creator, date etc. - and what entries in the list, that are linked to which objects, from the list (I.e. title -> object, Creator -> creator_home). Each entry in the format object is then finally rendered controlled by an assigned "Styles" object, that defines used font, size, color etc. for each entry in the list.

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