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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2001: Organising Chaos

Parallel Session A4: CMS Case Studies - Middleware head-to-head

Leader: Paul Browning, University of Bristol
Venue: Room 210, Peter Froggatt Centre
Time: 09.15-10.45 on Tuesday 26 June 2001

Aims & Objectives

  1. To examine the nature of institutional information
  2. To investigate the technologies available for dealing with database-hosted information via the Web
  3. To use a simple and generic example as a vehicle to explore this (e-journals and their URLs)
  4. To invite participants to present briefly on their (or someone else's) solution
  5. To explore what other issues might be important when building such Web applications
  6. To write the experience up as an article for Ariadne


PB (10 minutes)

Setting the context. The nature of institutional information - structured vs. unstructured. The pre- vs. post-millenial Web. Working smarter not harder.

Your Specification (should you choose to accept it ....)

Produce a Web application that:
  • Allows anonymous read-access to an alphabetically sorted list of e-journal titles and their associated URLs
  • The (out of date) information to be used is available as an Access database or as CSV file.
  • The application should have functionality and design that is as close as possible to this example. (Note that it should deal elegantly with missing records, e.g. journals beginning with "X".)
  • Please provide a link to the application for this page.
  • Please provide the source code and a brief account of the recipe which can also be linked from this page.

The Recipes

Various (60 minutes)
Middleware Presenter/Contributor Application Source code Other bits of source code and/or Documentation
FileMakerPro Simon Chilton Application Source code search_results.htm, search_error.htm, description
PHP Peter Sorensen Application Source code sources, description
Christopher Gutteridge Application Source code code to create database, code for application
Malcolm Raggett Application Source code source
Zope Paul Browning Application Source code description
ColdFusion Dominic Hiles Application Source code source
JSP Dave Spencer Application Source code source


PB (20 minutes)

Pulling it together including a discussion of "Extending the application":

  • Adding authentication
  • Integrating authentication with campus-wide scheme
  • Write-enabling the database
  • Integrating with Library OPAC
  • Off-site access - authenticated caches