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CMFCollections separate the processes of creating content from aggregating content. CMFCollection allow manual content aggregation by putting content in a defined order. A site can be built by exclusively using collections. This is as easy a creating documents. CMFCollection is able to generate site maps and navigation structures fro you.

For more informations download CMFCollection.sxw (29 pages, 2.2Mbytes). It contains a tutorial you can follow step by step to learn about the usages of CMFCollection. A pdf version (1.7Mbytes) of the documentation is available also.

Version 0.2.1 fixed some bugs and now works with the plone installers also which do URL rewriting.

Have a look at the screenshots also.

Have a look also at the following documents after having downloaded the package:

  • INSTALL.txt: Instructions how to install CMFCollection
  • DEPENDENCIES.txt: Informations about dependencies to other pieces of software
  • CHANGES.txt: Changes made since the previous version
  • ROADMAP.txt: Feature Roadmap
  • LICENSE.txt: The GPL license text

Please report bugs, your ideas, etc. to:

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 CMFCollection 0.0.9 pre alpha Edit object News Item 1 K 2002-11-29 published
 CMFCollection 0.2.0 Edit object Software Release   2003-04-30 published
 CMFCollection 0.2.0 Released Edit object News Item 1 K 2003-04-30 published
 CMFCollection 0.2.1 Edit object Software Release   2003-05-19 published
 screenshots Folder   2003-04-30 published