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Silva 0.9.2 beta released!

Infrae is happy to release the beta version of the upcoming Silva 0.9.2.

Silva is a web application (Zope based) for authoring and serving publications for the web, paper, and other media. Content is stored in clean and future-proof formats, independent of layout and presentation, suitable for use in multiple contexts.

For more information on Silva see:

This is a feature complete beta. However, being a beta, it most probably has bugs.

Silva 0.9.2 will provide extensive new functionality (see also the HISTORY.txt file included in the Silva Product) such as:

  • Thoroughly revised user interface.
  • Completely new, flexible metadata architecture.
  • All text - including metadata - is stored as unicode.
  • Everything is now indexed using the Zope catalog.
  • Increased performance, both for public views and for the Silva edit screens.

We do encourage testing this beta! It is strongly advised not to use this version for production sites though.

Due to changes in the content structure this version will not work with existing Silva content. This beta version - as will the final release - includes a content upgrade script. The upgrade script needs testing on real world content. If you do upgrade existing content for testing this procedure, please first make a backup!

Please report any bugs and other issues to Infrae and discuss this version on the Silva mailinglists:

The beta version of the Silva Product can be downloaded at:

A tarball including Silva 0.9.2b and all its dependencies can be downloaded here: