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The JTracker product provides a simple issue tracker that was inspired by the original ZClass-based Tracker product and its replacement, the Collector.

I decided to "roll my own" because I disagreed with the complexity of both these packages, the policies and usage patterns encoded in them as well as the disruptive design of the user interface which disrespects existing site design. I found it very tedious to use as the administrator and sole supporter. The last straw was the fact that the Tracker prevented me from upgrading my own sites to Zope 2.6.x because it is incompatible with some change between 2.5.1 and 2.6.

I am using the JTracker for issue tracking on my own supported software packages (including LDAPUserFolder, MaildropHost, JRedirector and more) and its simplicity and openness to the administrator users makes my life easier. JTracker has been driven (and will continue to be driven) by my own needs and policies and might not be suitable for every application.

You can find the JTracker at . Feedback is highly encouraged and can be entered into the JTracker instance at at .

Available Releases

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