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This is where we capture outstanding issues that need to be resolved for this project.

A possible way to turn off StructuredText processing.
Can the Python DOC-SIG make use of structured text?
Can we define (and all agree on) a formal definition of the meaning of StructuredText?

snej (Oct 15, 2001 5:39 pm; Comment #1) Editor Remark Requested
Where is the right place to note StructuredTextNG bugs (outside the Collector, which is still down?).

StructuredText/'s HTML function ignores the level argument:

   def HTML(aStructuredString, level=0, header=1):
       st = Basic(aStructuredString)
       doc = Document(st)
       return HTMLNG(doc,header=header)

It should pass level to HTMLNG:

       return HTMLNG(doc,level=level,header=header)