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URLs?, when placed on their own in a structured text document, should become URL's with themselves as the link text. I.e.


<a href=""><;/a>

gvanrossum (Mar 29, 2001 6:07 pm; Comment #1)
Of course. This appears already implemented in ST classic, except that it gets confused by some markup following an URL (as in the example given here).

Can someone explain why the '; of the second <' in the example is rendered, while the other ';'s aren't rendered?

simon (Jul 11, 2001 6:40 pm; Comment #4)
Yes. It's one of those weird interactions of rules you mentioned on another page. Here, I believe
  1. ST classic ignores the bare url
  2. zwiki recognizes and links the url up to and including the &lt
  3. the ; is left over

To get the desired result we could do something like add a space -

<a href=""> </a>

but this is probably a case for ST's :: operator, which (together with a recent version of zwiki) quotes everything:

   <a href=""></a>

 One gets used to diagnosing these rule quirks and working around them.
 I'm not sure how prevent them completely without losing the convenience.