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The Problem

Although StructuredText is clearly useful, there is some disagreement about what its semantics is/should be. This disagreement is complicated by the facts that:

The STminus project

In order to help resolve these issues, I (EdwardLoper) am beginning the STminus project. The primary goal of this project is to create a formal description of StructuredText. This formalization will be expressed in EBNF with lookahead. Since StructuredText is in reality a loosely defined family of markup languages, the project will restrict itself to two defining particular StructuredText languages: StructuredTextNG and STpy?. It will not attempt to capture the semantics or structure of ClassicStructuredText?.

Read more about this project at

If you wish to play with your own copy of STminus, just send me email at Once I have finished cleaning up the code and documenting it better, I will put a link to it here.

Regression Test Cases

In conjuction with the STminus project, I (EdwardLoper) am creating a large set of test cases, which should be useable by STminus, StructuredTextNG, and STpy?. Each test case consists of a self-documenting StructuredText string. The test cases are organized to form the module:

To look at a complete list of the test cases, properly parsed, see the test-set output for STminus version 002: