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I'd like to be able to reconstruct a very pretty structuredtext string from the Document Object that contains the data. This would allow me to render a "perfect" structuredtext string from an "imperfect" one. It could straighten margins, draw nicer ascii tables, and provide a way to output data in structured text which are created using other programs that use the STX DOM... maybe an xml feed... maybe a GUI WYSIWYG text editor. Comments? -datagrok

StructuredTextClass is functionally correct when:

    s  = (Structured text string)
    fD = (function to render structured string as STXDoc)
    fH = (function to render STXDoc as HTML)
    fT = (function to render STXDoc as Structured Text)

    Not required:     s        ==                  fT( fD(s) )
    Assert:        fD(s)       ==               fD(fT( fD(s) ))
            fD(fT( fD(s) ))    ==        fD(fT( fD(fT( fD(s) )) ))
     fD(fT( fD(fT( fD(s) )) )) == fD(fT( fD(fT( fD(fT( fD(s) )) )) ))