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Draft DOM Interface Spec 2000-03-25

Subject: DOM Interface Documentation Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 21:42:16 -0700 From: Mike Olson Organization: FourThought? LLC To: CC:,,


We've spent the last couple of days analyizing how the Node interface will fit into Zope. We drafted our priliminary observations in the attached file. This file points out a lot of small issues that we missed while in VA. This file is still in pretty rough format. We plan on cleaning it up and using it as and interface/developers guide to DOM in Zope.

We only broke out Node because one of our big outstanding issues is how to split DOM functionailty between core ZOPE and the XML extension.

Another big issue is we are currently researching is whether to split the 4DOM source tree, or abstract the needed changes for Zope into a seperate base class. The issues are performance vs. maintainability and we should have results from these tests before the weekend is up.

Can we schedule a conference call for early next week to go over these issues. I imagine we can work them out in 1-2 hours. Tuesday afternoon is good for us.


-- Mike Olson Senior Consultant Fourthought, Inc. 720-304-0152