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It is undefined how Zope's current (and future) implementation of properties will be mapped into the DOM/XML namespaces. A mapping needs to be defined for both objects and attributes.

Notes: As I understand it, Jim is currently working on interface changes to the Property Manager to support namespaces. From this Zope will gain namespace support of attributes. This is only 1/2 of the battle. We will need similar changes to ObjectManager? to allow children to be in different namespaces. In XML both nodes and attributes are allowed to be in namespaces, and they are not neccessarialy the same NS.

As the DOM defines it, every node (Elements, Documents, Attributes, etc) each have three components in thier name, a localName (everything left of the :), a prefix (Everything right of the :) and a namespaceURI, what the prefix is in reference too.

-- Mike


As a resolution for object namepsaces, I propose adding a new standard attributes to objects, namespace-uri. This will prvide enough information to provide what the DOM API requires. I will defailt the vaule to If the node name of an element does not contain a prefix, I will default it to zope.