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  1. Objectives

    The purpose of this document.

    The purpose of this document is to collect, analyze and define high level user needs and features of the project. Focus on capabilities needed by the target users and why these needs exist.

    The main reason for the vision is to establish the scope of the project. Someone should be able to look at the vision and have a bounded notion of what is going to be done.

    Record details of how the application fulfills these needs in the use case models and supplementary specifications.

  2. References

    Related documents or resources.


  3. Positioning

    Briefly describe the business opportunity that is being met and / or the problem that is being solved by the proposed system.


  4. Stakeholders

    *Briefly describe the stakeholders - these are the people who are paying for or championing the project as well as others who have an interest in the outcome and whose input will be needed to develop the system and participate in review processes.*


  5. Product Overview

    Briefly describe the major benefits, features and high-level capabilities of the system.


  6. Documentation Requirements

    Describe the documentation that will be delivered with the system. This may include models, manuals, online help, training materials and other documentation.


  7. Time Frame

    Describe the time frame anticipated for the project.


  8. Constraints

    Note any design constraints or other dependencies, such as the need to integrate with external systems or required data storage formats.


  9. Other Requirements

    List briefly describe any non-functional requirements such as platform, performance or quality requirements.


  10. Priority

    Define the priority of the different system features.