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While working on the use cases for XML Document I came across an issue:

The following is the premise for this issue: XML style sheets are zope objects themselves. XML translations are handled by calling XML style sheets "on" XML Documents (much like you would call a DTML Method on an Zope object)


From a zope manager's perspective, shouldn't there be another way for a manager to view (or in this case preview) a translation besides viewing the result of calling an XSL Style sheet on the XML Document in question. For the purpose of debugging/previewing an XML Document, it would seem like another use case would make sense:

User previews the result of translating XML Document with a specific stylesheet


The translation is viewed on-screen in the management interface


  • XML Document is stored as Zope Object
  • The default XSL stylesheet has been specified
  • The default XSL stylesheet is stored as Zope Object and available (along aquisition path)

Flow of Events:

  1. Manager selects XML Document
  2. Manager selects Preview tab