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What is this?

This is the ZWiki version of a WikiWikiWeb, which is a kind of collaborative website. Wikis try to put as little as possible in the way of people sharing useful content in a manageable way.

If you're allowed to edit a page, you can change it on the spot by clicking "Edit this page". You may be also able to add comments to the bottom of the page. In either case, intuitive TextFormattingRules are followed to simplify the process of writing and linking pages.

The idea is to keep the text that people edit simple, so it's readable as is, and, most importantly, editable by anyone, without sacrificing niceness of the formatted presentation.

  • Try the SandBox to play with wiki page editing...
  • HowDoINavigate describes getting around.
  • HowDoIEdit describes creating your own pages and changing existing ones - including this peculiar use of the WikiName.
  • See ZWikiLinks for tools that help see whats going on in the wiki.
  • The main WikiWikiWeb may help convey the background of wiki usage and etiquette.