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DDL for RelationalStorage (Interbase)

Does Interbase support Long Raw?

Are you allowed more than one blob column per table? How expensive are they

yes. I don't know how expensive they are...

The DDL::

/* Replace the CREATE DATABASE path argument with
the path and file you want to use for your

$Id: InterbaseStorage.sql,v 2000/06/11 06:05:53 chrism Exp $ */

CREATE DATABASE '/home/chrism/zope_storage.gdb';

create table zodb_data ( z_oid char(12) not null, z_serial char(12) not null, z_pre char(12) default '' not null, z_status char(1) default '' not null, z_data blob, z_datalen integer default 0 not null, z_version varchar(252) default '' not null, z_nv char(12) default '' not null, z_dataserial char(12) default '' not null, primary key (z_oid, z_serial) );

create table zodb_trans ( z_serial char(12) not null primary key, z_status char(1) default '' not null, z_user varchar(255) default '' not null, z_desc varchar(255) default '' not null, z_ext blob );

create table zodb_pack ( z_oid char(12) not null primary key, z_serial char(12) default '' not null );

create index ix_serial on zodb_data (z_serial); create index ix_oid on zodb_data (z_oid); create index ix_pre on zodb_data (z_pre); create index ix_nv on zodb_data (z_nv); create index ix_dataserial on zodb_data (z_dataserial); create index ix_status on zodb_data (z_status); create index ix_serstat on zodb_data (z_serial, z_status); create index ix_serds on zodb_data (z_serial, z_dataserial);