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Glossary Entry: StorageManager

The yet unimplemented StorageManager is an object that among other things gives the ZODB a root object. Right now a root is the object with an oid of 0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0 in a storage. (please feel free to correct me;) It can also merge the content from other storages by holding the locations of objects and fetching them from a given storage when their oid is asked for.

Startup thought: You could pass a command to the storage manager at start-up. If no command is passed then var/Data.fs would be the default root path/storage.

Two pictures

  1. Storages can be visible inside Zope
    • This is seems similar to a Racks situation in the ZPatterns framework.
    • You can tell where a given object is stored
    • Ughhhly.
  2. Storages can't be visable inside Zope
    • Storage should be transparent
    • Let storages manage what they are good at
    • How do you put a given obejct in a given storage?
    • I'll bet you could put this into ZPatterns and have the StorageManager offer up available storages for the instances. How is that different from what is proposed now?
    • Maybe a FileRack would do it.