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The new ZNavigator is out!

I have just released the next version (2.0) of the Navigator Product. The new Navigator has been rewritten to a large extent, and is not compatible with older versions. It is however fairly easy to migrate to the new version.

The new navigator has been renamed to ZNavigator, so it's possible to have both the old Navigator and the new ZNavigator installed at the same time.

The new ZNavigator solves most of the problems people have had with the old Navigator (I hope ;-). It's easier to use, better documented, has cleaner and simpler code. Some of the cahnges include:

  • The rendering engines are gone. It was a kludge. This is the big change.
  • The API has changed a little bit, see the documentation.
  • Some new features, such as possibility to expire 'new' tags after a certain number of days
  • The latest version is 2.02 (25.09.2000) and it fixes some minor bugs in 2.00 (and 2.01).

    WARNING!!! This version will slightly break your existing NavItems! If you install v2.02, you MUST update all NavItems by opening (editing) and saving every one of them!
    This is because the internal date representation has changed...

    Check it out!