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Folder icon ZClasses Survey/quiz product

It's a ZClasses thingy to make multi-page surveys or quizzes. Use this only if you really need to get a multi-page survey up online quickly. If you want lots of customization, use Formulator.

QSurvey automatically creates a "RESULTS" folder and saves the results of submission in the ZODB.

Version 0.31 requires Zope-2.5+

V0.31 currently breaks existing QSurveys. You have been warned.

New with version 0.30

  • Uses Zope-2.5's Session Tracking and commits save at the last page. To make this happen, create a final QPage, and on the Button_Text tab, set submittext to "", i.e., nothing. This is a good place to say "thanks for completing the survey."
  • Guesses IP address, particularly will use http-x-forwarded-for if available.
  • Still saves only to the ZODB, but should be easy to modify to save elsewhere by changing the filethedatapersistent method of QSurvey:QSurveyClass
  • More of the logic is in Python Scripts; easier to figure out what is going on.
  • By popular request, style sheet is localized to the instance rather than the class.
  • More things are allowed within QPages/QSurveys for flexibility. Particularly, you may put a QSurvey within a QSurvey. We used this for rudimentary managing of a bilingual survey.

There is a wiki page about QSurvey in the zope-edu Wiki. members may now give me persistent! feedback about QSurvey.

The product is designed to make on-line surveys easy to write. Instead of having first to develop the backend for the storage, then adapt the questions to the storage available, this product allows you to concentrate on the survey and its questions. Zope takes care of the storage.

The page-centric model with optional branching determines at run-time which page to display next.

If you need more than simply questions, you may include DTML Document material interspersed with your questions. This means that Images and other content are allowed inside a QPage.

QSurvey features:

  • A page-oriented model, with the QSurvey holding QPages, and QPages holding DTML Documents and Questions.
  • Multi-page interaction is possible with branching dependent on the values of a multiple-choice question.
  • All Multiple-Choice are a single type. Select listbox, radio, checkbox, formatting from a single "options" tab.
  • Ordering of things within a page from a management tab in the QPage object.
  • Uses css instead of tables. Looks very nice in IE4+, Mozilla. Acceptable on NS4. Degrades nicely for Lynx. Deliberately ugly default css provided to encourage customization.
  • Pays attention to AUTHENTICATED_USER for results ID creation
  • Still does no validation.
  • Some hooks do nothing yet
  • RESULTS available in various tab-delimited formats.
  • Still too much global Add-list pollution (2 items: QSurvey, QPage, TextQuestion, MultipleChoiceQuestion)
  • Each survey writes only what is actually submitted to the ZODB.

Installation: Delete the old Survey Product if you still have it! Import QSurvey.zexp into your Control_Panel/Products folder.

Usage:Create a QSurvey. Within the Qsurvey, create a QPage. Within the QPage, add questions. Within each question, enter the text for the question and the choices if it is a multiple-choice question. Set options on each question from the "Options" management tab.
"View" or index_html from the QSurvey level actually writes to the ZODB when submitted; "View" from QPage or "Question" level will dump REQUEST when submitted.

QPages, MultipleChoiceQuestions, and TextQuestions will not work outside a QSurvey. I will move them off the global add list as soon as I figure out how.
This is posted, not as a finished product, but as a framework to start with (plus, it's off-location storage!). Assistance and commentary in the form of code is graciously accepted. It is getting cooler and more useful now. Please help me make this product do everything it should.
Does anyone have any ideas for icons for these ZClasses?

 Title   Type   Size   Modified   Status 
 QSurvey Edit object Software Release   2000-04-24 published
 QSurvey Version 0.21 Edit object Software Release   2000-05-10 published
 QSurvey version 0.23 Edit object Software Release   2000-07-26 published
 QSurvey Version 0.24 Edit object Software Release   2000-09-22 published
 QSurvey version 0.25 Edit object Software Release   2000-10-15 published
 QSurvey Version 0.31 Edit object Software Release   2002-03-18 published
 QSurvey-0.22 Edit object Software Release   2000-05-12 published
 Software_Release.2003-09-13.0016 Edit object Software Release   2003-09-17 published
 ZClasses Survey/Quiz product Edit object Software Release   2000-02-02 published