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SQL2Form Automatic Form Generator

SQL2Form is a wizard-style form generator that takes the input data from a database and automaticly generates a form from which the user can browse, add and update the data. Additionaly it gives a way to list all the selected fields in a list. The field names could be changed to a more redeable form. The user can define the number of columns to show, the character encoding for any language, the position of the label with respect to the input field (left/right) and the flow of the data (right-to-left, left-to-right, upside-down). Those features make SQL2Form suitable for use with any language.


SQL2Form is a wizard for automated generation of forms and reports based on existing database tables.

The characteristics of this zope product are:

  • Easy of use. No need to know programming or sql. Specially focused on non-techie people.
  • I18N. Special focus on localized issues. Labels could be selected to be to the left, right or on top of the field's input. The form objects are positioned depending on localized parameters. The automaticlly generated forms have their headers generated with the selected locale.
  • User defined labels: The wizard permits the user to define the labels to be showed on the forms/reports. This prevent the sometimes complicated field names to appear as labels.
  • Fully customizable. If you have some expertise with zope, you can customize the generated templates. This is possible because the source code of the generated files are easily accessed from the initial index file.

This zope product was created as part of a bigger project (praw), but due to its usability and characteristics I decided to offer it as a stand-alone application.

I have used it in many other non-related projects, helping me to save valuable programming time, and avoiding a lot of repetitve work.

NOTE: At this moment, SQL2Form supports only mySQL database.

You can see some screenshoos of SQL2Form HERE

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Last Modified
20030523 Development   2003-05-23 03:22:14
  sql2form-20030523.tar.gz (92 K) All md5
20030521 Development   2003-05-21 02:38:56
  sql2form-20030521.tar.gz (92 K) All md5
20030310 Development   2003-03-10 16:54:42
  sql2form-20030310.tar.gz (91 K) All md5
20030302 Development   2003-03-02 16:28:16
  sql2form-20030302.tar.gz (74 K) All md5
20030212 Development   2003-02-12 16:37:00
  sql2form-20030212.tar.gz (74 K) All md5

Discussion icon Read me file!!

Posted by: srinichandra at 2004-03-03

Hi ...I am a fresher to zope..It would be really helpful if u could add instruction how to import application to my ZMI.


Discussion icon Does sql2form and MySQL have to be on same host?

Posted by: edm3801 at 2004-08-26


I've just installed sql2form on one host. The DB resides on another. Do they both have to be on the same host? Also, does MySql have to be configured to use port 3336? MySQL uses port 3306 by default. Please advise.