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Assorted stuff for my PyCon DC 2003 paper, Conversing With Zope: Interactive Debugging Using the Python Prompt .

The paper

Stuff used in Setting up your Zope/ZEO site

The paper has instructions for setting up your Zope site with ZEO. The SetupRecipe is based around versions current at time of writing, Zope 2.6.1 and ZEO 1.0, and includes the following stuff which goes in your instance directory:

  • SetupRecipe - step-by-step instructions for obtaining and installing ingredients, including ones below, for a ZEO-based Zope site.
  • - server and interactive-session start script - edit the first #! line to point to your site's python
  • zope.conf - configuration file - change the port numbers if you need
  • - hooks in ZEO to ZODB
  • inituser - Prime the site instance with an admin user (it's insecure to use the shipped password!)

Wiki background

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